Global Moneyline has been around since June 2016.  The site offers several different subscriptions that they offer.  But the best thing is that you can reach out to your moneyline for free.  You don’t have to purchase a subscription in order to start messaging people.

How does Global Moneyline work?

Simply put, once you join, ANYONE that joins after you will be in your moneyline.  Notice, I emphasized “anyone”.  That’s because it doesn’t mean anyone you refer is below you in the moneyline, it means anyone that signs up.  As you can imagine, this means the list will grow quickly.  Here you can see a screenshot showing that after two days, I have 966 people in my moneyline.Global MoneyLine

This simply means that I can send 966 people a message advertising anything I want.  I can send them to a website for affiliate marketing or I can send them to my funnels.

How can you make Money?

There are a few different ways that you can make money through  If you have been around the business building niche for any amount of time, you are probably thinking this is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).  Let me be clear, IT IS NOT MLM.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a believer that MLM is a profitable business if it is done properly.

Global MoneyLine has an affiliate compound leverage earning plan.  Basically, it means that only 1 member ever receives a payment when another member upgrades their subscription.  After you create your free account, you will watch a short getting started video.  Following that video, you can watch another video which explains the Global MoneyLine compound leverage earning plan.  The screenshot shows a breakdown of the first two subscription levels.


How does the Messaging Work?

Sending messages is quite simple.  As subscribers (free and paid) joins global moneyline after you, you will be able to them a 150 character message and include a link to your website or funnel.  It really is a simple process for getting your message out to people all over the world.  Below you can watch a video review where I walk you through the back office once you create an account.

Is Global Moneyline a Scam?

This the question that most people want answered when they are presented with a new opportunity.  I have to say this site is not a scam in anyway.  The fact that you can message anyone who joins after you and you can do it without paying any money makes it not a scam.


I highly recommend creating your own free account and giving it a test run.  It won’t cost you anything and I think you will find that it is will pay off in the end because you will be able to message people all over the world with your product and/or message.

If you are new to the online business world, you can check out the video here to get a look at my #1 recommendation for online business education.