Starting your own business can be both exciting and scary. The internet is full of ideas for someone to become their own boss and start their own small business. Unfortunately, often times these ideas are “get rich quick” schemes or even flat out scams. As the old saying goes, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good plans on the internet as well. One of this can be found at

In the below review, I will explain to you what wealthy affiliate is and what it is not. I will provide you with an insider’s look as to how the program and works and how it can help you be your own boss.

Wealthy Affiliate – What Exactly is it?

Wealthy Affiliate was started in 2005 as a place for affiliate marketers to identify keywords in order to succeed with the online pay per click movement. The site was a success but the users wanted more from it. They wanted to be able helping each other with their businesses. They were looking for a way to communicate with each other and provide training helping others succeed.

Fourteen years later and Wealthy Affiliate is still going strong. One of the main reasons for this, in my opinion, is that Kyle and Carson provided a place from the beginning that promoted the idea of WA (as we like to call it) being a community. Wealthy Affiliate has over 1.4 million members that work together and support the success of each member. There are numerous ways for members to communicate with each other that I will go over shortly. The program will teach you how to be successful no matter what niche you are passionate about.

The process is broken down into 4 steps:

  1. Choose an Interest (Niche)
  2. Build Your Website (Only takes 30 seconds with WA)
  3. Attract Visitors (You will be given more than enough tools for this)
  4. Earn Revenue

I am already working on my second website after a week of taking the online courses that are available for free, yes I said free.

==> Build Two Websites for Free Today

I know I said earlier if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Well let’s look at how Wealthy Affiliate can help you the way it has helped me getting over my fears.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community – The Key to Success

One of the first things you will notice when you start at Wealthy Affiliate is the community environment. There are live chats taking place all the time and it won’t take very long for an actual person to welcome you to WA. There isn’t a competition to do better than other entrepreneurs, rather an honest desire to see others succeed. It doesn’t matter what time of day, there will always be someone online that can help you with the simplest or most difficult of questions.

One of my first interactions with another member was an encouraging post between the two of us for meeting up in Las Vegas next year (we will get to that incentive shortly). The thing I love the most about the community is the positive attitudes that everyone has displayed. It doesn’t matter if you rank in the top 50 or just started, everyone is treated the same. Yes, even Kyle and Carson, the founders, will interact, encourage and guide you.

I was assigned a personal coach whom I interact with nearly every day. Sometimes it has just been to check if I am on the right track with my small business venture. It doesn’t matter what the reason for posting a comment or a message, someone will be there helping. The community encourages peer reviews of your websites, so that you can better improve the likelihood that you will succeed and be your own boss.

Training: How Well will You be Prepared?

I don’t know about you, but the best way I learn something is by actually getting in there and doing it. There’s one problem with that when it comes to starting your own online business: Fear of not knowing where to start. I mentioned earlier that I already have two sites going at, however, I had already started a site on my own prior to locating WA. I started the site based on what I thought I was capable of, I am pretty tech savvy person. Once I paid the same amount of money for one site, that I could have paid to WA for 50 sites, I had no clue where to begin. Sure you can search for ideas and tips on how to get started but they don’t guarantee you will get others to see it. During my searches I found and signed up for the free starter member.

Inside, I found access, even as a free member, to training that walked me through step by step how to create a website. No kidding, in 30 seconds, I had a website that was functional. Then there was the additional steps which started explaining the importance of keywords and how they help to get you ranked on Google and start seeing traffic on your website.

There is over 300 hours in training in the WA catalog. And yes that’s just the catalog. In my case, my personal coach offers additional free training that will guide you even further into the world of online business. The training comes in the form of videos, live chat, text and live classes/webinars. No matter what your preferred style of learning may be, there is a format for you at Wealthy Affiliate.

Can People Succeed with WA?

Simply, yes. There are success stories found throughout Wealthy Affiliate. Stories of members succeeding within a couple of months at getting ranked in Google and beginning to see a regular flow of payments. There are stories of success from members that didn’t know anything about creating their own website. The common factor in all these stories is the member’s dedication to reaching their goals and the community’s encouragement and assistance. You can read all the success stories by joining Wealthy Affiliate today.

I am sure by now you are thinking, what about you, Bryan. Are you succeeding with WA? That answer is also yes. I signed up for my free account a few years ago, but never did anything with it because Iet “life” get in the way. Then a couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to start my own blog just so I could do something in my free time. After getting stuck with my own blog through a different hosting company, I remembered WA and logged back in to my account. I started filling out my profile and then I began getting notices of other members encouraging me. In a week’s time, I have published 6 posts and 2 different websites. All because I started following the training and realized how easy it was if you just surround yourself with other successful members.

Las Vegas – What Better Motivation!!!

I mentioned earlier that one of the incentives was going to Las Vegas. Each year Wealthy Affiliate provides an ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to Las Vegas for people who reach a minimum goal that is set. This is no joke, they pay for EVERYTHING including the flight, drinks and more. There are three simple steps you will need to follow to start your progress towards an all expenses pair trip to Las Vegas:

  1. Sign up for a free starter membership today (Join Here)
  2. Go through the step by step training
  3. Most importantly – HAVE FUN!!!

If Las Vegas isn’t Enough, Here’s Some Added Bonuses

Sign up for your FREE starter account.  Become a Premium member within the first 7 days and you’ll receive the following:

  1. 59% discount on the Premium Membership
  2. Personal assistance when creating your website
  3. Access to Keyword Search System

I look forwarding to seeing your own success stories posted in WA. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.