Six Figure Mentors

Name: Six Figure Mentors (SFM)


Cost: Free/$297/$97 per Month

Contact: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

What is SFM?

Six Figure Mentors considers itself a one stop shop, if you will, for starting an online business in affiliate marketing. They are clear from the start that they are NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. The initial videos stress the idea that you will get out of SFM what you put into it.

Let’s take a look at some good and bad about SFM. We will go over some things that SFM is good at and some spots where they may be lacking appeal. In the end, I hope to provide you with enough information, based on my own experience with Six Figure Mentors, to make your own decisions about the company.

The first thing that sticks out to me when I went through the initial pitch was a video by Tony Robbins. The video is very inspiring and talks about the cycle people go through based on beliefs. Once you complete the sign up for the free access, you are taken to a set of videos as an introduction to SFM.

The training provides a high level overview for what SFM calls “Program Preparation”. Inside this module, there are nine videos that will provide you the basic information on what can be done within the Six Figure Mentors program. The intent is to provides a carrot for you to move on from the free membership to the next level membership.

What I Like and Dislike about SFM?

I will say again, the Tony Robbins introduction video is a phenomenal bit of material. The advice given within that video can be applied to any aspect of life. The introductory video module titled “Program Preparation” has some good information about what will be happening within the SFM platform.

I like that Stuart Ross is very forthcoming that SFM takes the stance, you will get out of it what you put into it. He stresses this point on several videos and that it will take a time and financial commitment to succeed with the platform. I also like that SFM provides a Risk-Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for their membership.

Based on what I have seen through the free membership area, it appears the goal within each level is to get you to purchase the next level of membership once you complete training inside your current level. This means that you will probably investing a pretty hefty amount financially in order to succeed with the platform provided by SFM.

Six Figure Mentors Target Audience

The SFM platform can be beneficial to beginners or experienced online marketers. They offer a wide-ranging catalog of programs. The biggest roadblock for the higher level programs would be the cost of getting involved with that level of mentorship.

Training videos that are initially received do provide some valuable insight in to the world of an online business and how to make money. The training provide “live” examples of not only what to do, but how to do it. Stu is very informative during his training regarding how to target an audience based on keywords and interests. He is also straightforward that the initial free training is not enough to get started right away.

Final Thoughts on Six Figure Mentors

Six Figure Mentors has a lot offer for an online business opportunity. The biggest issue I have seen in the first few days of experience is that it feels like I am going to be asked for more and more money as I progress through each training step. The Free Member area does not provides a forum where new members can reach out to existing members for assistance.

The Six Figure Mentors program appears to be a legitimate opportunity for someone to make money online. I will reserve my final decision for the completion of my first 20 days. I have in fact signed up for the Essential membership so that I may provide you, the reader, with a more informative decision.

While waiting for me to experience the initial 20 days of the experience, check out my #1 recommendation for starting on online business for FREE!


Please feel to ask any questions regarding my experience with SFM, I will be adding updates to the article as I found more pertinent information through my experience.