Everyone Wants to Make Money

We have all heard the saying, “Money can’t buy happiness”. There is a lot of truth to that, however, it has been my experience that the lack of money can steal your happiness. The reasons for someone starting their own business can vary greatly since we are all unique. The goal for someone starting their own business is the same, however, make money and succeed. The fear of the unknown is probably the number one reason more people don’t start their own business.

I would venture to say that most people wish to help others while they are providing whatever product or service their business offers. If you are willing to put the time and effort in to starting and running your own business, you will find that you will need help from someone else along the way in most cases. This is where I feel so many people fail when they finally get over the fear of starting their own business. Typically, pride will get in the way and a person isn’t willing to ask others for help. I say to you, though, that many business owners don’t offer that help either. Owning a business should come with a pay it forward attitude as well.

The Unknown – Don’t Fear it, Overcome it

What is the unknown?  It can be a variety of things.  For me the unknown was where to begin, for you it may be how to begin.  For someone else, the unknown is finding time to build a business.  For yet another, it will be funding a new business.  As you can see, the unknown is yet another variable that can hold someone back from succeeding at taking the first step.

Here is the good news!!! You can overcome the unknown, you just have to be willing to push through the fear.  Sure there is a lot of competition when it comes to starting a new business.  That doesn’t mean you can’t succeed though.  I have always heard that if you want to be successful at something, you need to surround yourself with others that are successful.

You will have naysayers that will try to hold you back.  These are the people that fear the unknown.  Surrounding yourself with others that have succeeded in business will pay dividends in the long run.  When you start talking with people that have succeeded in business, you are guaranteed to hear stories of failure.  But you are also guaranteed to hear stories of being helped and helping others succeed.

Sharing with Others

One of the most successful people in the world, T. Boone Pickens, once said “Giving money is not as fun as making it, but it’s a close second.”  He knew that he couldn’t just keep his money to himself.  That doesn’t accomplish anything.  Not only do most successful people enjoy helping others succeed, they typically are very generous when it comes to helping financially.

How many times have you heard one of those naysayers look at a successful person and say something like “They have all that money and probably just keep it to themselves.”  I am here to tell you that those people couldn’t be more wrong.  I have had the honor of being friends with and associating with several small business owners in my area.  I can tell you that the first thing they will tell you is that you have to be willing to help others in the community in order to thrive.

It’s not just the money side either.  The successful business owners also meet with others to share their thoughts and ideas.  You may be asking yourself, why would I want to tell someone else about an idea I have, won’t they try to steal it?  The answer to that is 99.99% of the time, NO.  You may have an encounter where someone stole an idea, but more often than not, you will hear about helpful advice or a helping hand.

You Have to Start Somewhere

In order to make money, you have to take that first step. 

Whether it’s reaching out to someone for motivation or building a website to sell a product or blog your thoughts.  That first step is always the hardest one to make.  For me it took, nearly 3 years to take that step.  Had I taken the advice of surrounding myself with successful online entrepreneurs, I probably would have started much much sooner.

I have found that I get much more excited about writing posts than I ever thought I would.  I was worried I couldn’t do any of what it takes to succeed online.  That was far from the truth, though.  Once I surround myself with others, I was able to receive the encouragement, motivation and even criticism to get things started in the right direction.

If you are scared of what it takes, then do some research.  Research, typically, doesn’t cost a dime.  Find out what others are doing that interests you.  You will be surprised at how much help is out there.  There are thousands of people succeeding that want to help others succeed.

Have Fun Making Money with a Purpose

You will hear people say that money isn’t everything or you can’t buy happiness.  I fully believe that to be the case.  However, the unfortunate truth is that money is necessary.  So why not have fun making money?  Why not do something that you enjoy?  Just because a person becomes successful at making money doesn’t mean they keep it to themselves.  In fact, usually it’s just the opposite.

Successful people love to hear about others abilities to succeed.  They enjoy helping others to succeed.  They also enjoy donating their time and money.  Surround yourself with others that are successful in business, whether it’s an online business or a brick mortar business.  Once you start being around people who are succesful, you will find that success breeds more success. You will overcome whatever fears you may have and find your path to success.   Then you too, can experience the joy of giving back.

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