ClickFunnels refers to an integrated system that provides many features to assist people in setting up billing pages, building webinars, sales pages, and landing pages among others. As a landing page and a sales page designer and editor, Clickfunnels has a massive list of funnel templates and page templates. If you would like to create a landing page for your webinar registration, the integrated system offers a wide range of pages to ensure ultimate success.

The ClickFunnels webinar template offers a thank you page, landing page, webinar replay page, sales page, and a live webinar, page. ClickFunnels makes it pretty easy for individuals to take a new product they intend to sell, a dream business, or a great idea and turn it into a properly-designed sales funnel that’ll convert your site visitors into paying customers to help you make money online.

Rather than spending long periods, like months, or weeks, trying to design your page or spending lots of money hiring a professional website developer, ClickFunnels assists in making the development process smooth and affordable to create and also implement. In this review we will look at the main features of ClickFunnels, pricing, pros and cons.

Clickfunnel Features and Benefits offers its users a wide range of useful features that assist them in converting website visitors into paying customers, track and scrutinize data as well as provide excellent customer service. The way you choose to use the features provided is entirely up to you. Here are some of the numerous features offered by ClickFunnels and what you can accomplish with them.

• Funnel Template Drafts

If you’ve never designed a sales funnel for your business before, clickfunnels.comhas got you covered. You will find numerous types of sales funnel drafts that you can effectively customize for use in your business.

• Good Drag and Drop Editor

ClickFunnels offers an incredibly simple and in-built editor. You can easily edit page elements and modify the features of different elements using the fly-out sidebar.

• The ClickFunnels Affiliate Tool

ClickFunnels offers one of the most logical and best affiliate marketing programs that you can easily join.

• Page Element Selection

Widgets or page elements are essential when it comes to providing you with the adaptability you need to design the number of pages you require, and ClickfFunnels provides you with a wide range of page elements.

ClickFunnels also offers other advanced features like:

• Surveys

• Custom HTML

• Pricing Tables

• FAQ Blocks

• SMS Signup

• Progress Bars

• Countdown Timers

• Facebook Comments

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels has evolved its pricing rates with time. In the beginning, it had various pricing tiers, but they have now consolidated them into three different plans. These plans include:

• Share Funnel Package – $19

The share funnel plan refers to a sales funnel created by someone, who later decides to share it with you, and it’s usually common among newbies. While this may sound good in principle, you can only make changes to the sales funnel given to you, which means it’s an incredibly limited plan.

• Standard ClickFunnels Package – $97

This package is ideal if you are just getting started and you pay only $97 every month. The standard plan offers a limit of 100 total pages, 20 funnels, 20,000 visitors every month and three custom domains which are generally acceptable for many people. You should also know that you can send over 20,000 individuals total to the pages.

• Etison Suite Plan – $297

In this package, you will get everything mentioned in the standard plan but unlimited. The main difference between the Etison Suite and the standard plan is the Landing pages allocated every month, Actionetics (email autoresponder), the number of sales funnels, and Backpack (affiliate program). The cost of the Etison package is $297.

Pros of ClickFunnels

• The software provides multiple applications that help increase the volume of prospective sales.

• ClickFunnels is simple and easy to use and implement.

• It provides a wide range of pre-built sales funnels that you can select from.

• You can get access to multiple templates that work responsively and efficiently.

• ClickFunnels saves time, effort, and money when organizing sales and marketing funnels from scratch.

• ClickFunnels is incredibly beneficial when it comes to marketing, selling, and delivering services and products online.

• The software assists you in promoting, building, and managing your customer base throughout the world by offering digital or physical products or services.

• ClickFunnels provides quality and simple Web designing, which eliminates the need for third parties and other business entities to integrate with your business website.

• ClickFunnels offers sales funnel templates that have gone through A/B Split Testing.

ClickFunnels Cons

• ClickFunnels split testing is fairly basic.

• You do not usually have ownership of the landing pages you build.

• ClickFunnels doesn’t offer an SEO-blog function.

• ClickFunnels is a closed source which means you don’t have access to the source code, and if it becomes lower quality or has a bug, you will get stuck.

• It helps you create simple landing pages but does not provide the customization level provided by the LeadPages builder.


ClickFunnels is a great tool for building your email list and providing your readers with a clear and concise path to your online business.  When you first start out online, you may be like me and not have a large email list or an email list at all.  If so, using the ClickFunnels process will assist in creating that list as well as educating your readers.

The use of the tools provided within ClickFunnels should help to provide an increase in sales, whether it’s products, online business or just a great new idea to get out to your readers.  You can get Russell Bronson’s Free Network Marketing Secrets Book here

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