There are over 3.2 billion people that use the internet for one reason or another. Each of these users can be a potential avenue for making money. Creating a blog can be done quickly and even free. Let’s take a look together at what blogging is and how anyone can do it. Then we will learn how to make money from blogging.

What is Blogging?

Think of blogging as you think of talking. Most bloggers use their blogs as a way of getting information out to other people. That information can vary from politics to religion to product reviews and the list goes on and on. It has become a way for people to get information out to the masses in an informal and non-pressuring way.

How Do I Start a Blog?

Starting a blog sounds like a scary thought if you have never done one before. Here are some basic steps for getting your own blog started:

  1. Think of a Niche – The first thing you should do is figure out what it is you want to write about. This doesn’t have to be something that you know everything about, but it should be something that you care about. After all, blogging should be fun and helpful to the readers. If you don’t care about something, you probably won’t want to do the research on it.Everyone has something that they are passionate about. In the blog world, we call this a niche. You can use the training here to help you determine what your niche is.
  2. Create Your Website – I know this part seems a little scary but there are numerous resources on the web to help you create a website. This article will help explain the steps to creating a website.
  3. Create Your First Post – Now that your own website, you can start making posts. I would recommend making your first post an “About Me” post. Introduce yourself to the world!!! This can be one of the most difficult posts for many people, especially if you’re like me and don’t like talking about yourself. Again, you can do your own research to get guidance on what to put in your initial posts. Check out this link for some guidance as well.
  4. Start Blogging – This is where the fun begins in my opinion. Now you get to help others by providing your input into ANYTHING related to the niche you chose in step 1.


It’s Time to Start Making Money With Your Blog

Alright, so you’ve come a long way to get to this point. Now is where you can really start having a lot of fun and reap the rewards. After all, blogging should be fun. Don’t believe me? Hear it from someone with years of experience, check out this blog on why it’s more fun than a job.

The only way for a business to make money is to have customers, right? Well in the blogging world, getting customers means you have to get traffic to your site. The number one way to get traffic to your website is CONTENT.

What is content? – Content in the blogging world is the meat of your blog, there are few things to remember about a content when you are typing out your blogs:

  • Make your content readable – Visitors to your site want to be able to read what you have to say and feel like you are talking directly to them.
  • Make sure your content is relevant – If your website is about sports, visitors to your site certainly don’t want to start reading stories about politics and vice versa.
  • Use Keywords – Using keywords will allow for your website to be easily located by Google searches.

I have visitors, how do I make money? – There are several ways that you can make monetize your blog:

  • Sell Your Own Products – This is pretty self-explanatory. If you have your own product or product line, then you can make a storefront and sell those products right from your website. Keep in mind, the product should be relevant to the niche that you have chosen for your website. You probably won’t sell much makeup on a site about kids. 🙂
  • Sell Someone Else’s ProductsThere are a lot of companies out there that will allow you to provide links to selling their products. These companies will provide a unique link that will get you paid a commission for selling their product.
  • Affiliate Marketing – This is probably the #1 way to earn money online. Just like selling someone else’s products, there are many companies that will provide you links to their websites that give you commissions for referring traffic to them.

The last two ways typically require you to apply to become an affiliate marketer and then they will provide you the links for you start marketing. The number of companies that do affiliate marketing is endless. It does not matter what niche you choose, there is an affiliate out there that will be willing to pay you for referrals if you have a website that is professional looking and has good content.

Let’s Review What We Learned about Blogging and Making Money

Blogging is a way to have conversations online and is simply a way for you to get your ideas and thoughts out on the Internet. So while you are doing that, you might as well make some money for the time and effort that you put into your blog. Making money online can be done by anyone with any interests. You can sell products for other companies or your own and make money that way. Or you can get into the lucrative world of affiliate marketing.

No matter which option you choose, there is help all around the world wide web to get you going. I am preferential to Wealthy Affiliate. Click the link provided and you can find out why I prefer their training over others. Even if you don’t choose to use WA, feel free to reach out to me and I will get back to you quickly so you can enjoy blogging as much as I do.

Happy Blogging!