Those who want to know how to become successful and wealthy should read these selected books. Thus, reading such books as these five describe below may help.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

A great book to read for audiences who are concerned about their future financial investments in their life is Rich Dad Poor Dad. It has since been on the New York Times Best Seller list and since has sold more than 32 million copies. A book for parents although recommended by many authors and lecturers world-wide, for example, it is recommended by renowned author Zig Ziglar to read this book or give as a gift to their kids when they reach 8-9 yrs. Old. Considering that it’s an easy-to-read book for “the financially savvy kid…” and everyone wants to be financially wealth-off… most “getting rich” schemes are not geared towards children. This book is! In fact, some financial scholars Dr. Ed Koken, Lecturer on Finance at RMIT University in Melbourne does claim that this is a true book for Success. If you are searching for reading material that has to do with a wealthy future, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter C.P.A. is a great book for both parents and the young reader. The book is a basic investing tool for the youth of today. Special financial terms on three different types of income for instance. Here are the three following terms a child will learn about the types.


1. Earned income


2. Passive income


3. Portfolio income


The Richest Man in Babylon

This book is a series of stories about the ancient Babylonians that are meant to teach the reader lessons about personal finance. The stories begin with that of Bansir, who is a chariot maker struggling to survive. George S. Clason writes a series of tales beginning with Bansir whom is a chariot maker and is characterized as a wishful thinker. He is a simple man with dreams to provide for his family the luxuries the wealthy have. His character is built up from this and as the reader follows, he too will learn the lessons of how to build financial wealth for themselves. Controlling “one’s expenditures” to slowly secure financial wealth is another tip by the writer of this book, The Richest Man in Babylon.
Following the advice of a “financial counselor” is the beginning of Bansir’s quest for a rich and wealthy future he dreams of. Hence, this is the sequence of the tales and characters that shape the book’s plot. When the reader finishes the book, Clason claims they too will be able to invest their savings into retirement and follow their dreams into their Golden years. Building from the original story of Bansir’s beginnings, the finale is summed up at the end. The fortunes audiences will eventually gain when following this guided financial book of tales of loss and misfortunes will end up leading to wealth and financial freedom in the aftermath.


Awaken the Giant Within

You cannot have a list of books for Success without putting Tim Robbins Awaken the Giant Within. Reading this book of rich, wealthy and financial security type of book, readers will understand the so-called “mind-over-matter” psychology of financial freedom. With Robbins listed ‘notes’ to self, he obviously has millions of people following him today because of this book and many other self-help books. Awaken the Giant Within is considered one of the most popular books to read today because of its successful listed “to-do’s.” Here is a good reason to read it because of such elements he specializes to teach in this book; by listing them.



  • Short/long-term tasks/goals
  • Date these tasks/goals
  • Emotional/spiritual goals
  • Physical/health goals
  • Life/time goals.
  • Relationship/financial


Think and Grow Rich

The book written by Napoleon Hill accumulated millions because of this book. The countless years of research on 500 various men were known because of their time and efforts and also who accumulated wealth and freedom of body and mind. This book was written for the purpose of accumulating more than material riches. The story of Edwin C. Barnes and his relationship to Thomas Edison is a true story that tells a more than a principle. It tells of a miracle as well! It is a fact that “he thought himself into a fortune.” This is about the relationships you can have while being one of the “greatest minds think alike” mottos.


The Success Principles (TM) How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be


This book by Jack Canfield’s begins with listicles. Indeed, there are many phrases, mottos, and words-to-go by which is all part of the book’s style. For instance, one of the success principles to go by is “Everything you experience today is the result of choices you have made in the past.” Team success, transforming yourself, the fundamentals of success, successful relationships successful with money and so on…are part of the entire book. Although it elaborates more so in each chapter and is well worth the reading for those looking to acquire a wealthy outlook in life.


Finally, if you or someone you know is looking for a good reading on financial freedom, books for success such as these five briefly described above will not only get you on the right track for more than the valuables or material things most rich and well-off have, but valuable relationships and a wealth of knowledge on a universal-level.

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